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founded by Annemarie Ehrlich in 1986
Lasha Malashkhia
Lasha Malashkhia
Name:  Lasha
Surname: Malashkhia  
Nationality: Georgia
Residence: Dnipro/Kyiv (Ukraine)
Working languages:       German, Russian, Georgian, Ukrainian, English



Since 2009, I have been actively interacting with people in entrepreneurial sector.
 Since 2015, I began to notice that the question of introducing new transformational business technologies began to be raised more often in professional circles of entrepreneurs of the post-Soviet space.  At the same time, the main questions always remained: “Which technology?” and "How?”
 In 1995, having graduated from the Faculty of Engineering and Economics of Tbilisi State University, and having received a master’s degree in “Economic Informatics and Automation of Control Systems”, I completely refused to use these authoritarian and old theories and changed the vector of my development towards art, philosophy and pedagogy.
 I was very surprised and deeply amazed when in 2003 I first came into contact with Eurythmy in working life.
 For the third time living the role of a “student”, but this time in Elena Zucolli’s “Eurythmy School” in Dornach, Switzerland, when I was acquainted with Annemarie Ehrlich’s “Eurythmy in Working Life”, I suddenly saw the “absolute” tool for changing  authoritarian schemes in business structures, economic models and in social interactions that is also suitable for the transformation of personal qualities of staff.
 The most striking thing was that I saw a combination of art with the world of practical reality, which is reflected today in the business and social environment: not therapy, but a platform for self-change, transformation of “schemes”, and the birth of new values, a new level of consciousness.
 I persistently followed this path.
 And while going deeper into a new profession, being at the Institute of Eurythmy in Working Life in the Hague in 2005, I was struck by the second time. This time, by the deepest knowledge of Annemarie Ehrlich in the field of the latest technologies of transformational development, both accessible and unique.
 I saw philosophy and Anthroposophy in action for the benefit of the most effective spheres of society - working, business and social.
 Since then, I have been deeply in the topic as a eurythmist and as a researcher who is interested in the latest theories and practices in the field of personal and organizational growth, as well as in the field of development of business as a living organism.
 Today, when I’m asked about transformational methods, I say this:
 “Theories are nothing.  There is a huge gap between knowledge and the ability to implement it. Today, everyone is smart enough to make their own decisions and know the truth.  But if we create a visible atmosphere in which the processes of human change are expanding and accessible, we could just practice “transformational changes”.  The only instrument I know is Eurythmy as a visible language.  At its core, it is a live simulator where changing processes can be experienced, seen, tried in motion, stored in the body, while still being in a state of pure consciousness. ”
 In Eurythmy, I saw processes that are associated with the true essence of Human Being, and this essence simply manifests itself in its true form.
 Everyone can create “cases” and “KPI” for himself, but on condition that the person has a complete picture of simple truths, of which “World and Human” is woven together, and the person is ready to step into the abyss of change.  I came to the conclusion that in the business and social environment this is highest level that I called “Business as Art”.
 And the task that I set for myself and my colleagues can be formulated as follows:
 How to transform the BUSINESS of the PRESENT into a work of ART of the FUTURE:
 • know or BE ABLE to cooperate?
 • collaboration IN live RHYTHM;
 • ability TO SEE A COMMON GOAL and a field for organizational growth.
 And the only tool for activation and motivation for such processes that I know is “Eurythmy as Visible Speech / Language”.
 Eurythmy as a therapy of the social, that emerges between people, that in a new way motivates personal development and organizational growth.


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