Opgericht door  Annemarie Ehrlich in 1986 
Elisa Martinuzzi 

Pisa, Italy

Name:  Elisa
Surname: Martinuzzi
Nationality: ITA
Residence:  ITA  (Pisa)
Working languages:       Italian, English, Dutch, French

She graduated in 2009 at the pedagogical eurythmy academy in the Hague (Holland); in 2013 takes the diploma in hygienic eurythmy with Margrit Hitsch-Schindler, and in 2014 the diploma in “Eurythmy for working places" with Annemarie Ehrlich at the "Institute for eurythmy in the workplace" in the Hague (Holland). She works in Italy for schools (with students, parents and teachers), associations and different groups of work. 



Dedelstraat 11, NL-2596 RA, Den Haag, The Netherlands   

Tel: 0031-70-346 36 24

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