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Opgericht door  Annemarie Ehrlich in 1986 
Leonore Russell


Name:  Leonore
Surname: Russell  
Nationality: USA
Residence:  USA  
Working languages:       English 

Leonore Russell, the founder of Understanding and Managing Change, works with Eurythmy in the Workplace in non-profits, intentional groups and businesses. She has facilitated and co- directed seminars in leadership training and organizational consulting for a wide variety of organizations in North America, Mexico and Brazil. These include universities, Waldorf Schools, nonprofits and businesses large and small. Among these are Proctor and Gamble, Braun Brush Company, Campaign for Baltimore’s Children and Youth, the Association of North American Waldorf Schools. Eurythmy in the Workplace is integral to administrator and teacher training at Antioch University as well as her classes at Adelphi University. Leonore brings the experience of a long career in education and the arts to these events. She is a practicing eurythmist and visual artist. She directs two educations programs: The Winkler Center for Adult Learning and the Crossroads Farm at Grossmann’s Education Program. Leonore is an adjunct faculty member at two universities, Adelphi and Antioch. She won the Teaching Excellence Award at Adelphi in 2008. She has also received the Franz Winkler Leadership Award from the Waldorf School of Garden City in 2009.



MA, Adelphi University

BA, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY.

Family Literacy Certificate, Louisville, KT.

Diploma in Eurythmy, Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland

Training with Anne Marie Erhlich: Eurythmy in the Workplace

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