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The Institute was founded 1986 and collaborates with several free-lance professional eurythmists.

The Institute

Its aims

Developing people in organizations.  


What offers

Workshops, support in organisation development  projects, informative discussions,and so on.


Founder’s Notes 


Born in 1926 in Berlin, she began Eurythmy training in The Hague in 1945. After the diploma, she worked as Eurythmy teacher of Rudolf Steiner schools in The Netherlands. In1966 she founded the Academy of Eurythmy in The Hague with two other collegues and she worked there as a teacher till 1986. After that she founded the Istitute of Eurythmy in the Workplace, and she devoted her time to the activity of the institute.

She give courses in Europe, USA, South Africa and North Africa. She worked for several companies such as Barthels-Feldhoff, Sparkassenakademie, The Netherlands General Post Office, Association of Bakers and Butchers and many others. She retired for working in companies at the age of 70th.

She is still leading courses and workshops all over Europe, for everyone who is interested in social life.

  Annemarie Ehrlich-Liefmann 
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